Truth or Not Truth

On this day, what some observe as a sabbath, I contemplate the truth, or not truth of this quote: “Religion is for those who are scared to death of hell. Spirituality is for those who have been there.”

From the outset, I get it. Going deeper, the brush strokes seem too broad. I sense a seed of polarization, of drawing lines in sand, of the illusion that is called separation.

Going deeper yet, this quote seems to imply the weakness of many religions – that they operate from a catalyst of fear. The one fear above all others, of death.

Going beyond fear, perhaps this quote means to imply spirituality as the path that begins after confronting this fear on it’s own terms.

To explore the idea of finality, without any promises. To behold and become the mystery itself.

To stand at the gates of hell, and decide whether to enter or not enter.

Truth, or not truth.