Month: December 2015

Winter Solstice

Eternally, the light returns in the Heavens In cycles of light and darkness to Earth, Touching our Hearts where love is cradled. Christ, the Godself, is reborn in us, Illuminating and healing any breach with Spirit. Christ, the Godself, is our highest possibility, A bridge of spectral Light Both personal and universal, From the gross… Read more »

What The Fuck Are We Saying

Will we ever understand ? Or is the fate of man at hands ? Will we live or shall we die ? How will we ever know if we never try ? The government’s the devil’s hands It’s a lie and it’s a scam They wind us up, put us down, and watch us go… Read more »

I Am Electric Religion

Quite naturally things are going bad here, but the idea is to get your own self together. You have to live with peace of mind, and that has to be found within yourself. I think everybody should believe in himself. I suppose, in a way, that’s also believing in God. If there is a God… Read more »