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Who is Mountain Man Dave?

My journey as a graphic designer began at Summa Cum Laude, a start-up design studio specializing in turn-key student recruitment campaigns for universities and colleges. I began my academic journey to earn a BFA, emphasizing in graphic design during this same time. My experiences at Summa Cum Laude enabled me to excel within my deisgn education. I enjoyed recieving recognition within the graphic design department and later being featured in the campus newspaper as a stand out student.

During my last semester I was offered and accepted an intern position at a prestigious ad agency by the name of Bailey Lauerman. While there I worked with brands such as Ameritas, Duncan Aviation and General Electric to create advertisements in the print and digital spheres. I learned a great deal about corporate level ad agency structure including the roles at play within a creative team of that caliber.

After graduation I joined the Citizen Information Center (CIC) team, a division of the Mayor’s office within the city of Lincoln. For over three years I served City and County divisions, departments and agencies providing both print design and web design solutions. I coordinated directly with print press operators, outdoor signage vendors and IT staff alike. I started as a Graphic Design Specialist I progressing to a Graphic Design Specialist II and finally the Internet Support Specialist where I oversaw over 40 web assistants in the quest to maintain a website with over 80,000 pages of content.

I continued to grow my skills greatly both in graphic design, web design & development.

During my time at CIC I also began teaching design at Southeast Community College. I also performed as a touring guitarist during this time traveling to Mexico, Canada and various US states and cities. Highlights included opening for bands such as the Newsboys and Third Day entertaining crowds up to 4,000 in size.

After our second child was born I began my work-from-home life as parent, designer and entrepreneur. This was a time a great multi-tasking (designing in between changing diapers, playing Thomas the Train or watching Dora the Explorer). I continued to grow my skills greatly both in graphic design and web development. My connections in the music industry allowed me to work with entities such as Lifelight Festival, InPop Records and Sony Distribution while designing for clients such as the Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Third Day and Disciple.

During this time I formed an LLC (7SKY) to encompass my creative design services and Lincoln Kayak Polo. LKP operations included identity branding, promotional advertising, public outreach, membership, activity planning, class instruction and game officiation. In 2011 a competitive team was formed and participated in the 2011 national kayak polo tournament. The community of members formed during this time still stands today as a not-for-profit club.

In mid 2012 Fort Collins became home for our budding family of five. Access to rocky mountain outdoor adventure including camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, skiing and snowboarding were primary reasons for our move. To live, work and play in such a state and city is a privilege I do not take for granted. The moniker Mountain Man Dave is in direct correlation to the inspiration and rejuvenation I obtain when dwelling in the mountains.

While still providing freelance design services I began teaching at Front Range Community College (FRCC) in 2015 so that I might share my acquired knowledge and experience with prospective professional creatives. I offered instruction within the Multimedia and Graphic Design (MGD) department leading students through custom developed curriculum and projects covering Adobe Illustrator, Motion Design, Web Design, Visual Communications and Business for Creatives.

My time as an adjunct faculty at FRCC provided rich and fertile growth for my students as well as my own continued improvement.

Most recently I served with the Branded Logistics team as Art and Digital Director where I provided strategic art direction, graphic design, web design & development, production management, training and quality control related to the customization of premium consumer goods from brands such as Otterbox and Speck. I also managed the use of licensed brand assets for Collegiate identities such as University of Nebraska, Colorado University, and Colorado State University to create officially approved collegiate designs. Digital direction included putting into practice a UPI naming convention, implementing multiple computer backup systems (Windows and Mac), performing equipment maintenance and creating a mathematical formula for use in rotary laser etching.

I currently operate as a work-for-hire creative and commissioned artist seeking meaningful partnerships including team oriented assignments. If you’d like to discuss an employment opportunity, partner on a project or commission art give me a holler.

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