The Art of Thinking

A thinker, truly, I am that.

Often, I come across a spark, a flicker, a glimmer which sets in motion a flurry of firing synapsis within my mind, body and soul. If I allow it, this happens easily everyday. Today I conduct a mutual interview to again teach in a collegiate setting. I have been desiring a shift within my work life as it relates to my means of generating inflow of the monetary kind for some time.

As such, scheduling of this interview happening today gave a spark. This spark, to teach web design, set in motion the entertainment of Art Therapy and it’s inclusion into my path, my practice of being. Thinking, thinking, thinking. Big thoughts have whirled in and out my awareness as I contemplated this thing to behold and all I could envision it entailing, it’s meaning as I could perceive it.

In right time, I had a desire to conduct a ceremony before this spark of Art Therapy even took hold. I recognize much of my shamanic path includes art therapy. I had been meaning to create a burn, to release and renew, to set free and refocus since sometime last week. On Sunday, a Sabbath, I found the time, materials and place to do just that. Immediately afterward, a new perspective rested upon me. The big thoughts become smaller, more digestible. I saw through the illusion of degrees, finances and symbols that are for those who need them. I know not how this fire will burn, but it does burn. For this, I am thankful.

This universe, which is the same for all, has not been made by any god or man, but it always has been, is, and will be an ever-living fire, kindling itself by regular measures and going out by regular measures.


In my quite time this morning, I opened to my bookmark, an old, old book I gathered at a library sale in Lincoln, NE years back. Here I find:

Thinking is no mere mechanical process, it is a great Art, the chief of all the Arts…Those only can be called thinkers who have a native gift, a special endowment for the work, and have been trained, besides by assiduous culture. And though we continually assume that every one is capable of thinking, do we not all feel that there is somehow a fallacy in this assumption? Do we not feel that what people set up as their “reasons” for disbelieving or believing are often nothing of the sort?…The Art faculty is Imagination, the power of seeing the unseen, the power also of putting ourselves out of the centre, of reducing ourselves to our true proportions, of truly using our own impressions. And is not this in reality, the chief element in the work of the thinker?…Science is poetry.

~James Hinton

I notice how much feeling and impression can be aligned with thinking.