Sacred Life

Holy in your life
What is good?
What is pure?
Holy in your life
What is safe?
What is secure?
Holy in your time
Yeah, what is free?
What is me?
Holy in your mind
Sacred and secure
Do we need much more?

This song, Sacred Life by The Cult, came to mind while taking a much needed walk, a walking mediation that is.

The cathedral was Wells Gulch. The sermon was breath.

Movement upward and onward brought awareness of breath, which brought awareness of the holiness of breath. The design, the mechanisms and chemical processes, the evolution and life giving essence of such, in every breath.

Thinking, feeling, reflecting.

Seemingly on cue, strong gusts enveloped me as if to emphasize the epiphany. A chorus of confirmation, breath, breathing, a pine cone dropped rolling onto my path but a few steps from my feet.

A request for examination.

The pine cone looked and felt like forbidden fruit, puncturing my skin as I touched, held, observed it, no doubt symbolic of the past few weeks and what has been conjured within, without.

It was a good walk, and this, a good song: