Chasing Frustration

Within web development as a professional practice, I go through highs and lows, often accumulating my fair share of frustration in my field. I will attempt to log those frustrations with posts categorized as ‘JobLog’ to better understand said frustration in the hope of ‘untwisting’ and de-frustrating the enigma.

Today, while building a custom theme, using the bones framework, I am vividly reminded how complex the web and development has become. So much is involved in creating a custom post type from the function, trigger of said function, individual attributes of said post type all the way to the associative theme template files (single, archive, parental root)… no wonder. To boot, the old theme has custom post types which need to be migrated into the fold, along with their associative ‘ACF’ (advanced custom fields) meta data… this is going to be fun, or not.

Upon success I will them move on to creating associated ‘search’ templates for querying said custom post types. Yesterday, it was slower going, spending too much time finishing a stylized toggle, then defining a local root path (to work in the local mamp environment, because certain ‘nice to have’ dev tools require this setup to auto-refresh, which then can save me a few hundred thumb/joint actions). AH, the quest for perfection in contrast to the endless options/ways to develop all things web.

I wish I were creating art, a drawing or painting or even digital piece unbounded by commerce.

…followup: kicked much ass coding, creating and migrating pages into custom post types – necessary prelim step to creating a dynamic search option. Later in the evening, began a spontaneous art project. #winning