January, 2015 was hard. Some months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and moments are like that. They are the times to lay low, to ponder suffering, to make friends with death. Death brings rest, a peace of finality to whatever it is that’s time has come. For me, my health was low, my energy was low, there were patterns that needed adjustment, memories needing to be retold from new perspectives. Time to attune.


: to cause (a person, company, etc.) to have a better understanding of what is needed or wanted by a particular person or group
: to bring into harmony
:: to make aware or responsive

And so it was. As stars align, I had a pre-scheduled ceremony to participate in, on January 31, 2015, to bring proper ending/assimilation of the month and energies that swirled within. An agreement, to show up. I did just that, and like a missing piece into the puzzle, like the sun burning through a clouded haze, the greater picture was revealed, was remembered.

For this I am grateful. I am a fortune soul.

So he can see
The man in disguise
So he can see
The big surprise

So he knows he’s got to find
Gotta find some peace of mind
And he knows
He’s the Fortune Soul

So they can see
The strings that lie
So they can see
All the wasted lives

I know you, you wanna find
Wanna find some peace of mind
To what you know
You’re the Fortune Soul